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6 Tips For Hosting Your Church Stream
Here are 6 tips I'm sharing with our online volunteers to help them be better hosts in our online services. ________ Hello, First Name Last Name, As you may know, by now, we are directing all our services for this weekend to online-only (read the statement from...
Why Should You Live Stream Your Services?
Why Should You Do It? If your church doesn't offer online streaming, the most critical part isn't the quality of the equipment, but being able to connect with your audience online. A simple iPhone pointing to the pastor will do, as long as the audio is clear, and you...
Who Is a Creative?
We have over-sexyfied the term creative. Most people think of hipsters with black rimmed glasses who listen to music nobody has ever heard of before - drinking coffee that they probably grew and filtered through an old filthy sock (which by the way, kudos if you do)....

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