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De los Reyes

Creative church consulting for this Christmas season

Why should you put so much effort into the  Christmas season?

As the culture becomes more post-Christian, Christmas still resonates with people from most backgrounds. The culture loves Christmas, and even if it loves it for the wrong reasons, you can still use this season to bridge the gap between the secular and the religious.

As a pastor, church staff person or lay leader, you probably already know this. The problem is that we sometimes get caught up by the tyranny of the urgent. We leave Christmas planning until later in the fall, after our back to school initiatives are well underway, which leaves us with little time to plan for Christmas.

It doesn’t have to be that way. This year could be different. 

Let me help you this Christmas season!

Whether you already have an idea of where you’re headed and need somebody to bounce ideas off of and provide sound feedback, or are just starting from scratch, let me help you make this Christmas one to remember!
Years of ministry work have provided me with the necessary expertise to help you.
My background is in creative church endeavors such as production, communications and pastoral roles. I bring strategic thinking to help you develop experiences that will impact your guests lives for eternity.
I can help you with mentoring, coaching, creative brainstorming meetings and much more.
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Great branding can help you, but branding isn’t just about the look of something. Branding is the story others tell about you; it is what others think about when they think of you.

Website Strategy

A Christmas website is important for a few reasons: it creates awareness about what’s happening at your church during the Christmas season, helps your church attendees have a place to direct their friends and family about your upcoming Christmas events and as an overall hub for Christmas at your church. It answers every question a guest could potentially have.


Wow Experiences

I have been helping churches for close to a decade to create unique moments for their guests. Let me help you develop experiences that will leave people wanting to come back to your next service.