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de los reyes

Master of Arts in

Organizational Leadership

about Danny de los reyes

Having the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership further equips me to create a more profound impact in my life and the lives and careers of those I have the opportunity to lead. An ever-increasing desire to improve my leadership led me to join this program.

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program prepares leaders from a broad range of institutional settings to impact positively their organizations and communities. This harmonizes with the goal of Harrison Graduate School to provide graduate programs which equip students to fulfill the mission of the University through increased professional and ministerial effectiveness and preparation for future academic training.

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LDR 5213 Research Literature and Portfolio

A study of the resources, technology, and form for the purpose of research and preparation of formal papers in the student’s field of study.

LDR 5283 Motivation, Teams, Coaching & Mentoring

This course explores the psychological contract between leader and follower that take any of many forms between two people or between the leader and small groups. Students study group formation and group development as well as the intricacies of coaching, mentoring, and discipline. Students study organizational behavior and explore basic concepts affect leadership effectiveness.

LDR 5223 Energizing People for Performance

Explores the latest insights in leadership development and motivating people. Students will learn valuable people-related strategies to energize your work force and maximize bottom-line results.

LDR 5293 Reinventing Leadership: a Breakthrough Approach

Utilizes a philosophical approach to help participants develop new mindsets and business leadership strategies for maximizing leadership success in this executive leadership program. Students will engage in an intensive reflection on their motivations, weaknesses, and strengths, and students will discover how to develop, enhance, and expand their talents as leaders.

LDR 5273 Biblical Servant Leadership

This course will explore the practice of leadership from a biblical servant leader point of view and the various styles of leadership. Students will be encouraged to develop a personal set of leadership principles reflecting those of a servant. Considerations will also be given to developing people skills, team building skills, and conflict management skills. Students must take this course during their first year in the program.

LDR 5323 Organization Communication, Conflict Resolution & Negotiation

Informal communication, as well as the relationship of communication to organizational satisfaction and effectiveness. In addition, students study how communication defers in leader-member exchange and mass-communication of charismatic leader/large group interaction.

LDR 5253 Spiritual Formation

This course will survey the resources available to a Christian leader for personal spiritual growth and effectiveness as a minister. The study will include practical guidance and personal disciplines for spiritual formation based upon biblical principles.

LDR 5313 Strategic Thinking, Planning & Organizational Change

This course compares and contrasts strategic thinking with strategic planning and presents the value of both. Students study the leader’s role in organizational change—creating and preventing change as well as determining the organization’s readiness for change. In addition, students explore the reasons for resistance to change and strategies for coping with resistance.

LDR 5233 Foundations of Leadership: History, Theory, Application, & Development

Provides a foundational understanding of leadership from scripture and from contemporary theory and applications with particular discussion regarding the evolution of leadership/management thought from 1900 to the present. Students examine leadership as a contingent/context-specific application and solve organizational problems that have leader-follower interaction as a cause. Students develop a leadership development plan for themselves and establish accountability measures.

LDR 5243 Leadership in Management

Leadership addresses the multi-faceted topic of leading others in today’s church environment. This course offers an in-depth investigation of the current theories and research on the topic of leadership. In addition, emphasis will be placed on the development of leadership skills and styles to enable students to become effective organizational leaders. Students will become familiar with past and current leaders and examine their personal methods of leadership.

LDR 5263 Leading High-Impact Teams ​

Integrates the art and science of teamwork to help students plan and implement more effective teams in their organization. The seminar challenges students with real-world problems and provides individual feedback on their leadership and management performance.

LDR 5333 Leadership Practicum

The course consists of supervised experience in a challenging work environment under the guidance of mentoring relationships provided by a proficient veteran in the field and an academic advisor. Students will draw from their program learning experience to improve leadership skills in field experience that stretches and tests their abilities. Students learn to identify and utilize personal strengths effectively and to management weaknesses in real-life settings. This course contains a field-based service-learning component. the student’s portfolio project will be submitted at the completion of this course.

Top 15 Books I Read During My Time in MOL

1. Organizational Leadership by Burns, Shoup, and Simmons Jr.

2. Primal Leadership by Goleman, Boyatzis, and McKee

3. Team of Teams by McChrystal

4. Visioneering by Stanley

5. The Motive by Lencioni

6. The Emotionally Healthy Leader by Scazzero

7. Spiritual Leadership by Blackaby & Blackaby

8. The Vision Driven Leader by Hyatt

9. Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership by McIntosh

10. The Advantage by Lencioni

11. Steering Through Chaos by Wilson

12. How To Lead When You’re Not in Charge by Scroggins

13. Leadership and Self-Deception

14. Developing Emotionally Mature Leaders by McIntosh

15. Predictable Success by Les McKeown

Student learning outcomes upon completion of this program are:

  • Identify and strategize to develop their unique personality, gifts, and assets within a servant leadership framework.
  • Demonstrate leadership knowledge, capabilities, and characteristics needed to impact the church or marketplace positively.
  • Create a dynamic plan to manage personal and professional growth.

LDR 5213 Research Literature and Technology

LDR 5223 Energizing People for Performance

LDR 5233 Foundations of Leadership: History, Theory, Application and Development

LDR 5243 Leadership in Management

LDR 5253 Spiritual Formation

LDR 5263 Leading High-impact Teams


LDR 5273 Biblical Servant Leadership

LDR 5283 Motivation, Teams, Coaching and Mentoring

LDR 5293 Reinventing Leadership: A Breakthrough Approach

LDR 5313 Strategic Thinking, Planning and Organizational Change


LDR 5323 Organizational Communication, Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

LDR 5333 Leadership Practicum

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